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Seiko Prospex

Seiko Prospex Watches - Joyeria Larrabe - Distr. Official

Seiko Prospex, perfect watches for diving

The Seiko Prospex watch collection is especially aimed at sports lovers. If you are a person who challenges your limits through sports or adventures , whether by land, sea or air, you are in luck, Seiko Prospex watches are directed especially for you.

Within this wonderful collection, the diving watches stand out.

Within these professional watches, the most representative are the diving watches, which have earned immense trust from professional divers , as well as from different types of adventurers around the world.

Among these you will find the first watch for divers designed with a reinforced titanium case, light but robust at the same time.

Choose your favorite collection: Sea, Sky or Earth.

Within the Prospex watch collection, Seiko offers you three totally different product ranges, each with a series of unique characteristics.

Seiko Prospex Sea

In this collection, you will find perfect watches for professionals and lovers of the sea and water sports . Seiko offers you sundials, mechanical watches and even models developed with high Kinetic technology, which provides a greater degree of safety at different depths.

The watches are submersible up to 200 meters deep, have sapphire or Hardlex crystal and you can find them with dials and bezels of different colors and shapes.

They are an elegant and at the same time perfect option, not only for anyone who loves to do sports in aquatic environments, but also for professionals in the environment.

Seiko Prospex Sky

The Cielo collection is one of the most striking of the three. Oriented to the world of the air, its models are especially aimed at pilots and great lovers of the air world. Seiko offers automatic and solar watches whose technology provides total reliability in air environments throughout the flight.

Its steel case can be found in stainless steel between 44 and 45 mm, with some models having a Super-hard coating. They are for the most part water resistant to 100 meters and have a host of unique features that set them apart from the other two Seiko Prospex collections.

Among them, we highlight in some of its models, the possibility of using them to carry out calculations that pilots need, such as divisions, multiplications, flight speed computation, fuel consumption, etc.

Seiko Prospex Earth

The watch for all adventure and travel lovers . If you are a wandering soul who cannot stop traveling and living new experiences outside your home, without a doubt, this range of watches will help you during your travels.

Some of its models have a cushioned case, allowing easy use of the rotating bezel. At the same time, the bezel has a built-in compass that will allow you to have a 100% safe and fast orientation.

You can find them with solar, automatic and even Kinetic GMT movement. As for the straps, you have models with leather, silicone and stainless steel straps.

A very peculiar feature in some of its Earth models is its compass function, which will allow you to know the directions as long as the sun is visible or its location is known.

In short, a perfect collection of watches for the most adventurous. A range of very useful watches in mountain, forest or jungle conditions where it is not only important to know what time it is, but you need to go further.

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