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Longines conquest

Longines Conquest watches - Joyeria Larrabe - Personalized price

Longines Conquest watches

Within the Longines Sport Collection , we also find the Longines Conquest collection, characterized by its sporty elegance and technical performance. Not for nothing are they designed to meet the expectations of the most experienced athletes.

Longines Conquest watches are inspired by those men and women who have broken records or shown their courage, leaving a mark in history and inspiring new athletes to excel and go further.

Longines VHP Conquest

Within the Conquest collection we can find the VHP (Very High Precision) models.

Introduced in 2017, these quartz watches are ultra-precise. The L288.2 (3 hands) and the L289.2 (chronograph) are accurate to +- 5 seconds per year.

In addition, its precision stands out after being exposed to impacts or magnetic fields, thanks to the GPD (Gear Position Detection) system. In the event of an incident, the clock is corrected to 3 am

And of course, for greater reliability, every 3 days, the gauge automatically checks all 3 needles.

As an extra point, Longines gent Conquest watches have a perpetual calendar, an intelligent crown and a long-lasting battery.

Characteristics of Conquest watches

In this collection, the shape of the bezel, the cabochon crown and the links of the bracelet stand out.

This watch collection is closely related to the Longines Hydroconquest collection. Likewise, the watches have an ideal tightness for different activities and are designed for sports.

However, its aesthetic is suitable for any occasion. We can find Longines Conquest watches with clean dials in silver, black or blue, or chronograph multidials.

One of the most significant differences with the Longines Hydroconquest collection is its bezel. In this collection, the bezels are fixed and made of steel, which means that the watches can be used on any occasion.

Movements and functions of Longines Conquest watches

As in all collections, Longines watches present models with hours, minutes and seconds function (3 hands), as well as chronograph functions and even models with moon phase function.

They all include a calendar, located either at 3 o'clock or at 4 o'clock.

As for quartz movements, we can find the different calibers:

-Caliber 152 (ETA base caliber 256.111)

-Caliber 296 (Base caliber ETA E63.171)

-Caliber 440 (ETA base caliber 251.264.AL.)

-Caliber 442 (ETA base caliber 251.294.PRD)

-Caliber 538 (Base caliber ETA 251.474 ZA PRD)

-Caliber 541 (Base caliber ETA 251.264 BD PRD)

-Caliber 288 VHP (Base caliber ETA E56.111)

-Caliber 289 VHP (Base caliber ETA E57.211)

As for automatic movements, we can find the different calibers:

-Caliber 595/ 592 (40h power reserve)

-Caliber 619/ 888 (power reserve of 42/64h)

-Caliber 688 (54h power reserve)

-Caliber 704.2 (46h power reserve)

Longines Conquest watch price

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