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Longines Spirit

Longines Spirit watches in Larrabe online jewelry.

Longines Spirit watches, inspired by its pioneering spirit

This Longines Spirit collection is designed after the pattern of the first watches worn by the legendary conquerors of land, air and sea. Each of these watches conveys the character of those explorers who helped us discover the world and reach where it seemed impossible.

This new Longines Spirit watch is a reinvention of that spirit. He wants to show that what inspired those explorers and aviators of the past is still alive, since there is always much to discover, new corners that we have not yet managed to reach.

Celebrities like Howard Hughes or Amelia Earhart trusted Longines to conquer new territories and go even further on their travels. Now, the brand presents these new watches with the essence of that same spirit.

A tribute to those incredible men and women who marked history, broke records and inspired us to improve ourselves.

Owning a Longines Spirit watch is synonymous with quality and reliability, as they feature the latest technology and spectacular design. They thus become authentic precision machines thanks to their automatic movement and their certified chronometer.

Designed for all tastes, we find designs with a leather strap (blue or black) or with a steel strap, even some with a special case with an extra strap. We also find Longines watches with a 3-hand function and others with a chronograph function.

Watches so that, on any occasion, we feel inspired to improve ourselves! Check our special prices!

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