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Garmin Lilly

Garmin Lily watches for women. Your sports smartwatch

Garmin Lily watch is a wearable that adapts to your lifestyle.

If you want a sports watch or a smartwatch with GPS, if you want applications for sports or just a watch to wear. This Garmin Lily watch adapts to all your needs.

The new Garmin Lily watches offer smart notifications, wrist heart rate, monitor your energy and keep track of your health.

With a feminine and functional aesthetic, these Garmin Lily are the ideal choice for the modern woman. Its touch screen shines and offers multiple options just by touching it. Check your messages, how many steps do you take ...

Its battery has an autonomy of up to 5 days, so you can continue to enjoy it without having to recharge it continuously.

During your sleep you can also monitor and get the results. As extras, you can keep track of hydration and your feminine health.

As a security point, when you connect it with your phone, you can send your location to your contacts. Automatically or manually, you can do it thanks to its incident detection function.

And as always, you can connect with the community through Garmin Connect to share your training sessions and goals.

For the most demanding and who like to be fashionable, you can choose between different designs of boxes and straps. These Garmin Lily watches have silicone or leather straps to adapt to your daily life and activities.

In short, this new collection of Garmin Lily watches opens up a world of possibilities for us to combine sport, elegance and femininity. There won't be a single day that you can't show off your Garmin Lily .

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