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The Mondaine watch brand is full of history. Its beginnings were in 1944, when a Swiss engineer who worked on the Railways created his first watch.

This first clock became known as the “Official Clock of the Swiss Railways”.

Since then, inspired by this watch, the collection of watches officially licensed by the Federal Swiss Railways was created.

But they didn't just design watches for men. In its interest to ensure that everyone can enjoy a Mondaine Official Swiss Railways Watch , the firm worked to create all types of watches, including watches for women.

Clocks for travelers, desk clocks, clocks with domed glass, with lighting to be able to see them better at night... They have designed all the clocks you can imagine.

Although they have a long tradition of classic design, their details are careful and unmistakable.

These are watches with a careful finish and quality machinery certified with the Swiss Made seal.

Mondaine watches are elegant, very legible watches that have been able to adapt to new times (they even have smart watches with sustainable values).

More than 75 years since the official Swiss railway clock was launched. Since then, global recognition has been unmatched.

Two characteristics highlight these watches: their pristine appearance and their punctuality.

Among the Mondaine collections we can find some with a classic style, such as the Mondaine Classic or the Mondaine Classic Metal, to more modern ones such as the Mondaine Evo2 or the Evo 2 Gold. Going through some as unique as the Mondaine Cushion collection, the Mondaine Essence, the Simply Elegant or the Giant .

In short, lovers of elegant, precise watches with clear and legible aesthetics have their perfect product in Mondaine watches.

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