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U Boat Italo Fontana Watches

U Boat watches are exclusively made in Italy. They are made in Tuscany and the inspiration and style of that land can be seen in their details. As with the straps, which are handcrafted by experienced Italian artisans with high-quality leathers and materials.

The U-Boat firm arose from a commission from the Italian Navy in 1942, to meet the needs of the pilots. The first design was from Ilvo Fontana and it was a robust design that guaranteed maximum visibility and water resistance. A design with character.

Later, in 2000, his grandson Italo Fontana, improved the design of U boat watches and created his motto: A new dimension in time.

The style of the U boat watch

With a strong and recognizable identity, the U-boat watch stands out for its crown on the left side, its Swiss movement and its reliability.

Handmade watches "Made in Tuscany".

U Boat watch materials

From steel to titanium, through carbon, gold, ceramics ... Resistant materials such as tungsten and surprising materials such as uncoated bronze or untreated silver. Designs that take on different shades over time, making U Boat watches unique.

Italo Fontana watches

About Italo Fontana , creator of the watches, we can say that he takes care of the details of his creations. Innovation and perfection are the creative pillars of the firm. Always interested in exploring new ideas, in using new techniques and new materials.

Hence came the patented crown release system on your U boat watch , which allows for easier setting of the date and time. Or also the movement immersed in oil, which we can see in the U boat Capsoil collection.

Celebrities such as Nicholas Cage or Arnold Schwarzenegger have worn these watches in their movies or have worn them in premieres, such as Steven Seagal.

And you, do you dare to wear a quality and high-performance watch?

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