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Garmin Marque

Garmin Marq watches - Joyeria Larrabe - Distr. Official

Excellent specialized Garmin Marq watches

Garmin MARQ Collection, the best expression of specialization, excellence and design.

Designed with grade 5 titanium and manufactured from a solid block made up of 130 individual layers of Fused Carbon Fiber™, they feature stunning AMOLED displays that give a new perspective to performance.

Watches designed to help you with everything you propose. Marq DIVER , for motor lovers, Marq CAPTAIN , for navigation lovers, Marq AVIATOR , for flying with the best current technology, Marq ADVENTURER , for explorers and adventurers, Marq ATHLETE , for sports enthusiasts. For all these lifestyles, Garmin has designed these extraordinary and modern watches.

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