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Grand Seiko Elegance

Grand Seiko Elegance Watches - Larrabe Jewelry - Custom Price


Grand Seiko has done it again. The luxurious Japanese brand, which we have to understand totally independent from its sister SEIKO, has just presented a new series of watches that have left us totally captivated; its name: Grand Seiko Elegance.

Gold buckles, crocodile skin straps, sapphire crystal,... the watches in this new line called Elegance are cared for down to the last detail.

Four new Grand Seiko Elegance models to choose from

The luxurious brand has just presented the models that make up this new Elegance line. In total there are four different models that will delight watch lovers.

The references of these four models have already been revealed, and here we show them to you:

  • SBGK005 in steel and blue dial
  • SBGK004 in 18k rose gold and black dial
  • SBGK006 in 18k yellow gold and white dial
  • SBGK002 in 18k rose gold and red dial

Although each model is different in terms of materials and finishes, it is true that there are common characteristics in the watches of the series. Let's take a look at them.

Technical characteristics of the Elegance series

The models have been designed with a 39 mm diameter case and an 11.6 mm caliber.

As for the dial, called Urushi , it is covered with a sapphire crystal. The design of the hands, which we have to say we loved, give the most classic set of Elegance models an air.

The strap is one of the elements that can attract the most attention; it is made of the best quality crocodile skin, and it comes as standard in all four models, although in different colors to match the design of its dial.

His caliber, the manual 9S63

Let's move on to the highlight of the Elegance series. All models have the manual caliber 9S63. This caliber gives us 28,000 vibrations per hour and is regulated by 6 positions, achieving a precision of -3/+5 seconds per day.

The power reserve is not far behind, as Grand Seiko has accustomed us, and offers us up to 72 hours of operation on the line. Similarly, the finishes and decoration of the caliber are of high quality.

Elegance watches and its Urushi dial

For centuries, in Japanese decoration, lacquer has been one of the fundamental elements of creations aimed at the upper classes such as the nobility or the Imperial House. Grand Seiko has rescued this highly appreciated material for this Elegance series, and has applied it to the finish of the dials of the red and black models.

Everything has been done through an artisanal process and very delicate, so we can understand the exclusivity of these models. However, the most impressive part of these two models is in the numerals 6 and 12 and in the Grand Seiko letters GS, where they have been dusted with gold or platinum. A luxury.

Elegance, limited edition series

If you are wondering how to get any of these Elegance models, we have to tell you to hurry up.

Although the models don't come out until March 2019, each watch model has a limited run worldwide. In the case of the SBGK002 and SBGK004 models, there is only a print run of 150 watches. In the SGBK005 model it is limited to 1500 units. However, perhaps the most positive news is that in the SGBK006 model there is no unit limit.

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