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U-Boat Sommerso

U-Boat Sommerso - Larrabe Jewelry - Customized price

U Boat Sommerso Collection - U Boat Dive Watch

This U-Boat Sommerso watch collection is designed for lovers of the aquatic world. The designs are intended for divers, whether they are amateurs or professionals. Of course, without losing the elegant and refined style characteristic of the firm.

U Boat Dive Watches offer features to overcome the adverse conditions experienced by professional divers. They are instruments with a clear but high-tech design.

The U boat Sommerso watch stands out for its unidirectional bezel that allows the dive time to be controlled, so important for divers.

The U Boat 1001 watch stands out, a model designed to withstand a depth of 1001 meters. A whole machine of design and functionality.

In many of the watches we find, in addition to the hours, minutes and seconds function, the 24-hour counter.

The variety of materials in the u-boat Dive Watch collection stands out . With watches in steel or bronze, with straps in steel, in hand-treated leather or in vulcanized rubber.

The professionalism and precision made watch!

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