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Seiko Presage

Seiko Presage Watches - Larrabe Jewelry - Official Dist.

ClocksSeikoPresage, a benchmark in technology and style

More than 100 years ago (specifically in 1913)Seikomade what would be Japan's first wristwatch. It was at that precise moment that the tradition of the craftsmanship of mechanical watches fromSeiko, unique.

The collectionSeikoPresageIt has special characteristics that give it one of the most cutting-edge technologies in terms ofclocks mechanicsit means.


The Diashock is a shock resistance device that protects the steering wheel from shocks and vibrations. The ruby anchored on the steering wheel shaft is attached to a spiral and, when subjected to a strong shock, the elasticity of that spiral absorbs the impact.

The Magic Lever is uan invention ofSeikofrom 1959. It considerably increases the efficiency of winding the watch and shortens the time required for the mainspring to be fully wound. This ingenious V-shaped lever allows all the energy generated by the movement of the oscillating weight, either clockwise or counterclockwise, to be transferred to the mainspring. This mechanism contributes significantly to the longevity of the watch. These magic lever systems have been adopted by leading watch manufacturers around the world.

OnSeikoThey developed an alloy called Spron, which is what the brand uses for all its mechanical watches. This material has great elasticity, strength and resistance to corrosion and heat.

The caliber 8R48, includes the vertical clutch that is at the heart of all true chronographs, the column wheel that provides better durability and performance, and the "three-hand hammer", which is the mechanism ofSeikowhen resetting the chronograph.


Regarding its design includes uNo power reserve indicator in the center of the dial, and a date indication at 6 o'clock in most models, although some have it in another position (mainly at 3 o'clock).

With sapphire crystal with super-clear coating, exclusive toSeiko. Applied to both the surface and the back of the glass, it prevents 99% of light reflection and ensures that the sphere is highly legible.

With a soft leather strap to have a feeling of comfort and comfort on your wrist, or with mechanical bracelets made of premium materials.


SeikoIt is already a synonym for fine mechanical watchmaking from Japan. Despite the high precision of the parts, an exquisite assembly technique is required by expert watchmakers with long experience. All this is achieved thanks to the skill and passion of the craftsmen and women who are in charge of assembling the mechanical watches ofSeikowith your own hands.

The clocksSeikothey are subjected to very rigorous inspections. Each piece is thoroughly examined and only units that pass a strict standard are released for sale.

The timeless and unsurpassed beauty of an enameled dial. The modelSeikoPresageIt comes with the same enamel dial that was used in Japan's first wristwatch, the Laurel. The temperature and humidity when applying the enamel are key to ensure that each sphere is perfectly smooth and that the colors last for more than a century.

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