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ClocksCitizen: much more than the Eco-Drive movement

One of the most remarkable characteristics of theclocksCitizenis his revolutionary Eco-Drive movement which he pioneered in 1976, which we can find in his different collections such as theCitizenOF Collection,CitizenPromaster,Citizenradio controlled,CitizenSatellite Wave, SuperTitaniumorCitizenLady.

MovementCitizenEco drive

The Eco Drive movement of watchesCitizenallows the watch to operate solely using light as a power source. You can use both artificial and natural light. This electricity generated by a solar cell is what makes the watch work and, in addition, the excess electricity can be stored in a rechargeable battery.

This "charge reserve" of watchesCitizenEvo-Drive means that, when fully charged, they can continue to work for more than 6 months, even in complete darkness.

Therefore,clocksCitizenThey use technology that helps the environment. There is no need to replace batteries, the ones you use do not contain harmful metals and no toxic substances are used in their manufacture.

There are many functions that we can find among watchesCitizenEco Drive.

Clock energy savingCitizen.

Focusing on improving your watches,Citizenperfects its technology and seeks innovation. To do this, it has launched numerous watches over the years powered by light with highly developed functions.

The energy saving function leaves the watchCitizenEco-Drive at rest when it is in the dark, that is, the needles stop. When the dial is illuminated again, the hands return to showing the current time.

Insufficient charge warning.

When aclockCitizennot charged enough, the second hand moves at intervals of 2 seconds instead of 1. Thus, it indicates that the battery is low. To charge it, just put the watch under a light source and it will charge. Once the Eco Drive watch is charged, the hand will return to normal operation.

Light level indicator for watchesCitizen.

Citizenwas the worldwide inventor of the first light level indicator for analog models. The user can easily measure the charge level in any situation thanks to the fact that the watch detects the amount of light received by the dial and shows the level of power generation.

Watch CollectionsCitizen.

There are several collections of watchesCitizenthat we can find in the market, although among them the Radio Controlled ones stand out, thePromaster, theOf Collection, the Satellite Wave and the SuperTitanium.

TheclocksCitizenRadio controlledThey stand out because they receive the time from an atomic clock, in this case, through radio waves. Thus the precision is absolute for the hour, the day and the date with an almost non-existent margin of error.

TheclocksCitizenSatellite waveThey are clocks that can be connected to different satellites orbiting the earth to receive the signal, which guarantees absolute precision (tolerance 1 sec. every 10 million years) and exact time. A signal that can be received anytime, anywhere.

TheclocksCitizenSuperTitaniumThey stand out for their incredible material, lighter than titanium, but with much greater resistance. Stronger, with fewer scratches and much lighter than steel.

In short, watchesCitizenthey are a safe bet for technology and quality.

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