Luminox watches - The best price online - 5 years warranty

Luminox watches are designed for the most adventurous athletes. By land, sea or air, wherever your mission is, every second is important, that's why Luminox watches are designed to accompany you at all times.

Every second counts.

The Luminox firm has different collections (Luminox Sea watches, Luminox Air watches and Luminox Land watches) all designed for professionals in the world, be they divers, pilots or the military elite.

In short, these are Swiss machinery watches that meet the highest standards of quality, design and innovation. In addition to their robust design, they have innovative materials, such as CARBONOX™ and CARBONOX™+, which is lighter than steel or titanium, but rigid and durable, as well as anti-allergenic, antimagnetic and highly resistant. It also has other high-quality materials, such as sapphire crystal, stainless steel or ocean plastic.

In short, these watches are designed to accompany experts whether by sea, land or air.

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