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Listening to your body is one thing, but understanding what it tells you is quite another. Polar helps you understand the essence of your own training. To do this, the brand is based on a combination of specialization in sports, physiology and electronics on the one hand, and a deep understanding of customer needs on the other. That's why Polar has been one of the leading companies in technology innovation and heart rate monitors since 1977.

Since then, the Polar house has been covering the needs of all levels of physical training thanks to its wide range of products and essential technical assistance. From improving the sports performance of an athlete, to helping sports fans so they can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, to facilitating weight management and physical rehabilitation for people with specific needs.

Discover all its collections:

- Polar Grit : capable of withstanding the most extreme terrain. The most resistant and light watches that you can find within its outdoor range. Perfect for exploring new routes, enjoying outdoor workouts, or venturing into never-before-seen areas.

- Polar Vantage : This is a fantastic combination of training, recovery and functionality for athletes who want to improve their efforts.

- Polar Ignite 2: We are talking about the fitness watch par excellence of the house. Elegance and technology united to offer personalized training, activity and sleep guides 24/7. Ideal to improve general well-being and find the balance to feel good inside and out.

In any of these models you will enjoy Polar heart rate sensors. All Polars feature the most advanced Polar Precision Prime wrist heart rate measurement technology. Heart rate sensors are the perfect alternative for those looking for other heart rate logging solutions.

In addition, now you can also follow your training session with direct data through your mobile. Polar Flow is a complete ecosystem that helps you achieve your goals. Plan, record and analyze your training and track your progress.

This desire to become a benchmark brand has been fulfilled thanks to the ambition and talent of professionals who still believe in what they do with the same passion today as they did 30 years ago. Polar's success is evident in its numbers. The company currently employs 1,200 people worldwide, with 26 branches and manages a distribution network that supplies its products to more than 35,000 retail establishments in more than 80 countries.

It is what is known as the power of Polar.

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