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Vulcain Nautical Watch Collection

The Cricket Nautical is the fruit of research carried out by three experts (Hannes Keller, talented Swiss physicist and mathematician and pioneer of deep sea diving, Max-Yves Brandily explorer and filmmaker and Arthur Droz, nationally certified diving instructor and representative of the CIAS) who pooled their knowledge together with Manufacture Vulcain , to develop the first diving watch with an integrated system for determining non-stop dive times, but also sounds an alarm to indicate that the dive time has ended. An alarm that could also be heard underwater!!

With this collection Vulcain pays tribute to Hannes Keller, who died on December 25, 2022. In 1966, in Toulon, France, he reached the abyssal depth of almost 250 meters with a Nautical Cricket on his wrist. The record was witnessed and validated by Jacques Cousteau, already a legend by then.

Water resistant to a depth of 300 meters.

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