Financing at the moment in Larrabe Jewelry with Aplazame

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With Aplazame you can finance your watch or jewel quickly and conveniently.

  • Buy your watch or jewel, with a maximum financing of up to €4,000
  • Up to 36 installments
  • Simple process: you only need a card, your mobile and a DNI or NIE

How does it work? Financing your purchase is now much easier.

The first thing is to select the product you are interested in and add it to the cart to finalize your purchase.

When completing your data on our website, the option to choose the payment method will appear. This is where you will have the option to finance your order by choosing the Aplazame Financing payment method.

Once selected, you will be redirected to the finance page, which will ask you to complete some information and will respond instantly.

It is important to have your mobile, a valid DNI or NIE and a bank card at hand.

You can choose the number of installments or months in which you want to finance your purchase. You can also choose the day you want to be charged.

Of course, you will be able to see the interests at all times.

The credit will be confirmed in seconds and you will receive an SMS from the financial company (at no cost to you) and a confirmation email. The granting of financing is subject to compliance with the requirements set by Aplazame.

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Your data will always be safe, Aplazame takes security very seriously and uses the most modern standards to do so.

Commissions and financing conditions

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What you are going to pay is what is indicated to you during the purchase process. There is no small print, you will see the interests at all times.

When applying for the loan, the initial step is to complete a first payment that will serve to verify identity and validate the card.

Your loan will be the amount of your basket less that first payment already made. That is, from the total of the cart, that first payment will be subtracted.

That is the amount to be financed, which you can pay in different installments.

For example: If I choose to buy a watch in 5 installments, that is, finance it over 5 months, I will have to make 6 payments. One at the time of granting and the rest in 5 installments with interest.

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And ready! Your purchase will already be financed and you will be able to enjoy your order.