U-Boat Capsoil

U-Boat Capsoil - Larrabe Jewelry - Custom Price

U boat Capsoil collection, surprising design

This U Boat Capsoil watch collection has an innovative design. Away from the traditional style but with a retro air, its box stands out.

U boat Capsoil watches have a Swiss electromechanical movement. This movement is immersed in low viscosity lubricating oil. The oil flows into the dial giving the sensation that there is no glass and thus enhancing the color of the dial, especially black.

A bubble can be seen on the dial and serves to compensate for changes in temperature.

A spectacular sensation that enhances the vision of the hands and hands, which seem to flow freely on the dial.

Among the materials of the U boat Capsoil watch are steel or steel with DLC for the case and rubber for the strap, which adapts perfectly to the movements of the wrist.

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