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Grit Watch Collection

With its Grit collection, Polar brings us models with excellent finishes capable of withstanding the most extreme terrain. These are the most resistant and lightest watches that you can find within its outdoor range. Perfect for exploring new routes, enjoying outdoor workouts, or venturing into never-before-seen areas.

The best choice for those looking for extreme experiences but with the certainty of doing them in complete safety. This adventure companion for demanding gent gives you the certainty that you will have the perfect tools at your fingertips to meet your goals. Optimize your performance and overcome any challenge you set for yourself.

Within this collection you can find different options made to suit your needs:


Despite being Polar's entry-level model, its features make it an exceptional choice, now including new features such as Running test, route import and tracking with on-the-fly route change, running power on the wrist and training based on power or weekly training summary among other things.


A multisport premium category outdoor that has a high level of autonomy, and numerous functions such as altimeter, route tracking and turn-by-turn route indications with kommot. In addition, with this watch you will be able to have a record and analysis of Hill Splitter climbs and descents, Fuelwise refreshment reminders and weather forecasts. Another aspect that makes this model stand out is its unparalleled precision GPS and OHR heart rate recording.

In any of these models you will enjoy Polar heart rate sensors. All Polars feature the most advanced Polar Precision Prime wrist heart rate measurement technology. Heart rate sensors are the perfect alternative for those looking for other heart rate logging solutions. And you can do it in two ways:

- Sensor with chest strap: the preferred option for interval training. ECG accuracy and maximum comfort thanks to the soft adjustable textile band.

- Optical pulse sensor: Versatility and freedom of movement to record pulses in any sport discipline. Placement on the arm or on the temple. Offers swimming metrics.


In addition, now you can also follow your training session with direct data through your mobile. Polar Flow is a complete ecosystem that helps you achieve your goals. Plan, record and analyze your training and track your progress.

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