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Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry

Engagement Rings

Unique Engagement Rings for the most important day

Engagement rings

The marriage request is an unforgettable moment for a couple.

You have been lucky enough to meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. It makes you smile and you enjoy every second with it.

You have finally made up your mind and you are going to ask for it. You're going to ask him the Big Question: Will you marry me?

You've thought everything through, you don't want to leave anything to chance. The ideal place, the ideal time, even what you will wear. And of course, you already have the order ring . That jewel with which you want to express all your love.

The traditional engagement ring

For centuries, the engagement ring has been the jewel that best represents love. It has a unique romantic meaning. With it, you express yourself to your loved one that you want to share life with them. A commitment for life.

In ancient times and in some cultures, the ring had to be worth the equivalent of 3 salaries. And although currently the amount spent is not so important, there are other aspects that have been maintained, such as style.

To ask this important question, there are many who continue to choose a solitaire of request . That is, a white gold ring with a central diamond, generally brilliant (round) cut.

This diamond can be attached in different ways: 4, 6, 3 claws, chaton type, etc.

Currently, this design has been updated and we can find different versions with diamonds on the sides, curved designs, or even half alliances have been chosen, that is, a ring with several diamonds instead of 1 central one.

In any case, engagement rings are the perfect gift that accompanies a proposal and as they represent such an important moment, you have to take care of the choice.

We invite you to discover all the options in our online jewelry store, where you can find white gold engagement rings with diamonds or zircons, half alliances, etc. whatever it takes to surprise her even more.

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