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Pacer Watch Collection

The human body is made to move, and running is the essence of human movement. Polar presents its Polar Pacer Series collection, a new range of running watches for all types of runners. The Pacer series ushers in a new era of running products that pays homage to the world's most popular sport and its core audience. Featuring two new bespoke watches to guide runners of all levels through their course, from start to finish.

Within this collection you can find two options made to suit your needs. If you are new to running, Polar Pacer will help you fall in love with this sport. If running is your life, Polar Polar Pacer Pro will help you become a better runner.


An ideal running watch for runners who are beginning to take their first steps in the world of running. This model combines the simplicity of running with essential functions, as well as some more specific ones for training, sleep and recovery. After all, running is a simple sport, why complicate it?

If you haven't run in your time, or never run before, running can seem like awfully hard. That's probably because you're doing too much too soon. Polar Pacer makes it easy to start running.

With a variety of features to guide, support and personalize your running workouts, Polar Pacer will help you make every run a good run and avoid setbacks that can lead to injury and ultimately demotivation to keep running. Starting with the new Walking Test, beginning runners will be able to estimate their current fitness based on their VO2max (data that illustrates how much oxygen the body can absorb and use during exercise) simply by walking for 15 minutes on flat ground. .

Polar Pacer shares some of the main features of Pacer Pro in terms of design: color screen, Gorilla Glass 3.0 lens, light, slim, with very intuitive menus, elegant 24/7 design and ergonomic buttons.

The high-performance CPU boosts Polar Pacer for a fluid and smooth user experience, seamless menu transitions, and training that starts at blazing speed. When you understand your body, find your rhythm and always run at the right intensity, you will increase your chances of continuing to run.


An ideal running watch for more committed runners, which has very powerful training functions. Polar Pacer Pro is a state-of-the-art ultralight running watch with a new antenna design for precise GPS tracking, a bright MIP display for optimal readability in direct sunlight, a hyper-fast CPU for high-speed processing, a long-lasting battery that lasts up to 35 hours in training mode on a single charge; and a built-in barometer and potentiometer.

And that's just the hardware. Polar Pacer Pro is equipped with powerful training features exclusive to Polar that will increase your chances of becoming a better runner. Some of these features are: its lightness, its ergonomic buttons, its 1.2" always-on screen with ultra-durable Gorilla 3.0 glass and a low-consumption MIP screen, obtaining up to 35 hours of training with GPS and up to 7 days in watch mode. .

This watch has heart rate zones, speed zones and now also power zones. Polar Pacer Pro is equipped with a running power meter on the wrist, so you can add a new dimension to your training: running power. This function allows you to automatically measure, in watts, the power heats, and control the effort required for each of your runs instantly.

See your distance, speed and record every stride and turn with reliable GPS positioning features. Polar Pacer Pro's new antenna design offers faster fix times, and is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS satellite systems for the best positioning experience anywhere in the world.

If you come across some hills along the way, don't panic: hill training is a proven way to build strength and endurance while running. Hill Splitter automatically detects all climbs and descents, providing detailed information about your performance, such as heart rate, distance, speed, ascent and descent, for each detected hill on your route.


In addition, now you can also follow your training session with direct data through your mobile. Polar Flow is a complete ecosystem that helps you achieve your goals. Plan, record and analyze your training and track your progress.

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