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Versace Watches - Buy it Personalized Price - Larrabe Jewelry

History of the fashion brand Versace

The Versace brand was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace as a fashion brand that soon achieved impressive international success. Today it is a symbol of Italian luxury and in addition to haute couture, it also has accessories such as jewelry, glasses, perfumes and of course, watches.

With more than 200 boutiques around the world, it has been able to modernize since its inception thanks to Donatella Versace, who since 1997 has been the artistic direction of the firm. Thanks to her, Versace has been updated with new designs full of personality.

Authenticity of Versace watches

Versace stands out for its authenticity. An extraordinary design that is based on a manufacture with high quality standards. Something that no forgery is capable of giving.

Versace products are only sold in its boutiques, on its website or through authorized dealers, such as our jewelry. Outside of there, you cannot ensure that the products you purchase are original. Therefore, it is always important that if you are looking for an authentic product, you go to an authorized jewelry store.

Larrabe Jewelry we are an authorized dealer of Versace watches

Versace watches for men and women

The signature watches are timeless and iconic. But they are also adapted to the new styles and contain unique functionalities, details and style.

Whether classic or sporty, Versace watches will always meet your expectations and be fashionable.

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