SWISSKUBIK Revolving Boxes

SwissKubik Rotors | Revolving Swiss Kubik Watch Boxes

These rotary boxes are 100% Swiss made with the highest quality on the market. They are the boxes recommended by the most recognized Swiss firms, as they guarantee the durability of their products.

They are essential accessories for lovers of automatic watches. These boxes help to extend the life of the watch and its precision by keeping the automatic watch always in motion.

In addition, its design is elegant and modern.

Made with the best materials by the best Swiss craftsmen, these Swiss Kubik rotating boxes make 1,900 revolutions per day (950 revolutions each way). The frequency used by most automatic watches on the market.

It has a 3-year international warranty and only needs 2 cells to function.

Swiss made, with nearby suppliers and assembled by hand. This is the undisputed quality of SwissKubik rotors .

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