Grand Seiko Heritage

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The Grand Seiko Heritage collection is the heart of this high-quality watch brand.

They are characterized by a balanced design that reflects the basic and pure elements of watchmaking.

This Grand Seiko Heritage Collection offers a range of watches that revive the style of the firm's early watches, including, of course, the 44GS and 62GS from 1967. These watches have been reissued with the very latest in movements and the best manufacturing techniques, to provide the quality with which the firm has accustomed us.

Therefore, this collection represents the Japanese aesthetics of Grand Seiko and the high-quality performance and finishes that have made it famous.

Honoring the Grand Seiko Heritage 44GS

After its launch in 1960, each watch was designed with care and precision. Later, in 1967, a style and language was created that would represent the firm with a unique design.

This design framed the 9 characteristic elements of the firm, its essence. The sharp and polished edges with the Zaratsu technique, the smooth lines. Lights and shadows with a "quality shine". And narrow, thin handles.

Flat, easy-to-read dials. A dial with a unique style and high legibility.

With this design, the style of the 44GS and its new models inspired by the first watch, a union between past and future is marked.

Honoring the Grand Seiko Heritage 62GS

Then, in 1967, it was also the turn of the first Grand Seiko automatic watch. A striking design, also with a mirror finish and with a refined and pure style.

The dial for this model is large-aperture, almost bezel-less, to make it comfortable and easy to read.

An artistic sensibility that is seen in the new models inspired by these first Grand Seiko .

Other details of the Grand Seiko Heritage

As we have mentioned, Zaratsu polishing is an art. Mirror finishes with sharp edges create a unique Grand Seiko style.

In many models with unidirectional spring drive, we find the seconds hand with sliding movement. A beautiful and natural movement to be able to see the time at all times.

All this creates a powerful, elegant and timeless style in which quality and functionality go hand in hand.

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