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Eterna watches, tradition and innovation inspired by emotions

The Eterna watch brand is synonymous with high quality. With a long Swiss watchmaking tradition, it stands out for its innovative intention. Continuous improvement is one of the features that has driven Eterna since it was created in 1856. Among its innovations are the “safety” lugs of early wristwatches, different movements, and even a protected self-winding sports watch.

Today they also stand out for their creativity, but maintaining their link with the watchmaking tradition from which the firm comes.

Thus, tradition and movement technology come together in creations.

Characteristics of Eterna watches

As we have mentioned, eternal watches have high quality materials such as stainless steel (sometimes with pink or gold PVD), bronze for some of their models, sapphire crystal, etc. The straps are usually made of steel or brown or black natural leather, although sometimes we can also find them in beige.

The dials are generally white or black and brown, although in some designs, for example in the Eterna Kontiki collection, we can find models in green or blue.

As for sizes, we can find 36, 38 or 44mm watches in the Eterna Kontiki watch collection. This collection features hour, minute and second functions and clear, legible dials.

In the Eterna Eternity collection, we can find 40 or 42mm watches, with watches generally made of quartz. In this collection the dials are also simple (the numbering by means of indexes simplifies the vision of the needles). However, in this collection we can also find models with a chronograph function.

Finally, in the Eterna Heritage watch collection, we can find watches with measurements of 40 or 42mm. Some stand out with a telemeter chronograph function.

In short, these are watches with very special characteristics that make these watches perfect, elegant and precise machines. They are watches that can be worn both on elegant occasions and on more casual events. And that they will become the perfect companion for your day to day.

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