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Anonimo Nautilus

Anonimo Nautilo Watches - Larrabe Jewelry - Price Consultation

Anonimo Nautilo Watches, the sports watch for diving.

Water sports professionals or amateurs have found the Anonimo Nautilo watches to be the ideal complement. These watches are sporty as well as functional.

The motto of this collection is "Immerse yourself in life or in fresh water". With this message it is clear that the watches are designed for underwater activity, more specifically, for diving.

It is a watch that reinterprets the design of the first professional diver's watches launched by Anonimo .

Anonimo Nautilo watch features

As a strong point we find the crown located at 4 o'clock. We can also see the characteristic unidirectional and graduated bezel that will help us in the dives.

To favor the waterproof design, we find the bezel and the case back screwed on. The submersibility is 200 meters or 20 bars deep. Thus, you can end your adventures both above and below the water.

The back box has a window to see the movement. A detail that watch lovers are sure to appreciate when purchasing their Anonimo Nautilo watch.

Subcollections Anonimo Nautilo.

Within the collection we can find three other subcollections: Anonimo Nautilo 44.4, Anonimo 42 and Anonimo Vintage.

The Anonimo Nautilo 44.4 collection is the one with a more sporty style. Men looking for a more stylish watch to show their adventurous character have their ideal product in this collection.

The Anonimo Nautilo 42 collection is more designed for business. The man who wants a sports watch but is causal at the same time, will find it in this sub-collection.

Finally, the Anonimo Nautilo Vintage collection is a tribute to the past. Its subtle design has vintage touches without being overbearing, so it remains contemporary.

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