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Oris Aquis watches for diving

The Aquis collection by Oris is a diver's watch that offers real-world functionalities in an innovative shape, has a perfect combination of design, high-performance material and all the functions appropriate to the world of diving.

It is known by all that watches and water are not a good couple. The water that is introduced into a watch damages its operation and therefore limiting its performance. Oris with its Aquis collection defies all logic and deliberately allows water to enter its watches.

Oris is one of the few companies that has found the problem of integrating a depth gauge into a mechanical watch. Oris , unlike other companies that have developed complicated and inaccessible solutions for the general public, has achieved a less expensive solution to develop and produce.

Boyle's Law is the secret of Oris development. Thanks to this law, Oris engineers established that the volume of air contained in a channel created in the sapphire crystal of the watch could increase or decrease as the water pressure increased or decreased in depth. In this way, during immersion, the volume of the air in the channel condenses under pressure, allowing the water to enter the space. This creates a watermark that the Oris signature represents in a yellow sapphire crystal gauge.

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