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Seiko Prime

Seiko Premier Watches - Larrabe Jewelry - Buy at the best price

The Seiko Premier Collection seamlessly blends classic inspiration with modern expression.

Seiko Premier watches include quartz and mechanical calibers, although their best expression is found in the Kinetic models, the award-winning Kinetic Perpertuo caliber being its greatest exponent. A watch powered by the movement of the wearer who sleeps and wakes up for the next four years to save energy.

Choose your favorite Seiko

Within this elegant collection you can find models designed with a steel case, being able to choose the color of the dial between white and cream.

Box size

The size of the box varies by model. Some offer measures of 38.2 mm, 41.5 mm, 40.7 mm and 42.9 mm among others.


The watches in this Seiko Premier collection are waterproof to 30 m and 100 m depending on the model.

Other Seiko Premiere options

As for the crystal, it is made of sapphire, very resistant to scratches and blows.

In addition, in the Premiere collection, Seiko offers you watches with leather and pure steel straps of the best quality.

Regarding the type of movement, Seiko Premier offers you automatic and quartz models.

In short, the Seiko Premier collection is synonymous with Japanese sophistication, design and high technology at your disposal.

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