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Ignite Watch Collection

Polar offers with its Ignite 2 collection the fitness watch par excellence of the house. Elegance and technology come together to offer personalized training, activity and sleep guidance 24/7. Ideal to improve general well-being and find the balance to feel good inside and out.

With this model you will enjoy the Polar heart rate sensors. All Polars feature the most advanced Polar Precision Prime wrist heart rate measurement technology. Heart rate sensors are the perfect alternative for those looking for other heart rate logging solutions. And you can do it in two ways:

- Sensor with chest strap: the preferred option for interval training. ECG accuracy and maximum comfort thanks to the soft adjustable textile band.

- Optical pulse sensor: Versatility and freedom of movement to record pulses in any sport discipline. Placement on the arm or on the temple. Offers swimming metrics.


In addition, now you can also follow your training session with direct data through your mobile. Polar Flow is a complete ecosystem that helps you achieve your goals. Plan, record and analyze your training and track your progress.

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