Garmin Descent Mk2

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Discover Garmin Descent Mk2 watches with diving functions

The sports watch firm launches the new Garmin Descent Mk2 watch for lovers of diving and diving.

This 52mm diver's watch features several design enhancements: a larger screen, a Gen3 heart rate sensor that measures 24h underwater, PulseOx to measure oxygen uptake, and Body Battery.

In addition, this Garmin Descent Mk2 smartwatch has specific diving functions such as several dive modes for which you can customize screens, GNSS system, Buhlman ZHL-16c algorithm, adjustable alerts for stops and decompression, etc ...

All the needs of the lover of diving and diving, are present in the Garmin Descent Mk2 watch.

Find out and check the price of the Garmin Descent Mk2 in our Larrabe online watch store.

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